Recipe – Herb Scones

Herb Scones I love herb scones alongside a bowl of soup, but they also make a great savoury addition to afternoon tea. Use just one herb or a mixture of any fresh herbs you like: parsley, chervil, dill, chives, tarragon or thyme – even a little very finely chopped rosemary – in this versatile, tasty […]

Recipe – Focaccia

Focaccia I love authentic focaccia made with a generous amount of olive oil and had such fun working on focaccia recipes for our Month on the Italian Riviera inspired by Lucio Galletto. Lucio uses more water and oil in his recipe than many I’ve seen and I think that’s what makes his focaccia so delicious. […]

Recipe – Cicciones with Pork Ragu

Cicciones with Pork Ragu I love the chewy texture of this rustic Sardinian pasta – and the name which means ‘little fat ones’! This is the same pasta dough used to make lombrichi, the ‘worm-shaped’ Sardinian pasta you’ll see on the video below. The full-flavoured Serra Lori rosato, made from a blend of indigenous Sardinian […]

Recipe – Pane Carasau with Rosemary, Olives & Pecorino

Pane Carasau with Rosemary I love Sardinia’s crisp flatbread, called carta di musica or, in dialect, pane carasau, especially the way chef Giovanni Pilu serves it, sprinkled with olive oil, salt and rosemary and crisped in the oven. Add a few olives, a chunk of Pecorino and your favourite aperitivo (here are mine) – and […]

Recipe – Pan-fried Radicchio

Pan-fried Radicchio Radicchio is a wonderfully versatile vegetable. In Italy it’s popular cooked as well as in salads; the cooking softens the bitterness and brings out a touch of sweetness. I often shred it and toss it through pasta with some garlic and olive oil for a quick meal. This recipe is inspired by a […]

Recipe – Rosemary Potatoes

Rosemary is surprisingly easy to grow (trust me, I’m no gardener and mine has thrived). So consider popping a cutting in some soil and having it on hand to add its wonderful aroma to dishes like these potatoes, which are great served alongside any grilled meat, poultry or seafood. I find the secrets to getting […]

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