Recipe – Guinea Fowl Bisteeya

Variously written as bisteeya, bastilla, bestela, bastila, pastilla or pastila, this Moroccan pie has many variations but is traditionally an elaborately spiced preparation of pigeon, egg, almonds and warqa pastry, which is similar to Greek fillo pastry. It works well with almost any birds, including quail, chicken and guinea fowl, and is a great way […]

Recipe – Harissa-rubbed Roast Quail with Lentil Salad

Quail has always seemed a bit fiddly to me – but when I finally tackled it, I was really surprised at how simple it was. Brining is a great way to add flavour to meat and poultry – it’s really the original ‘marinade’, a word that derives from the Latin ‘mare’, meaning ‘sea’, and the […]

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