Piri-Piri Sauce

Piri-Piri Sauce Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Portuguese cooking class! The piri-piri chilli (also written peri-peri or pili pili, as one word or two) was developed by the Portuguese in Mozambique and spread from there to their other territories; pilipili means ‘pepper’ in Swahili. These small hot chillies (similar to bird’s eye, which […]

Chicken with Chorizo

Chicken with Chorizo Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Portuguese cooking class! My chicken with chorizo recipe is based on a classic Portuguese dish, amêijoas com chouriço (clams with chorizo). I created it for a friend who couldn’t eat shellfish but didn’t want to miss out on the flavours. Chicken’s not dissimilar to meaty […]

Grilled Piri-Piri Prawns

Grilled Piri-Piri Prawns Portugal’s favourite sauce is just as good with these piri-piri prawns as it is with the more popular piri-piri chicken; the only difference is the marinating time. Prawn flesh is more delicate than poultry, so the lemon juice in the marinade may start to ‘cook’ it if it sits for more than […]

Portuguese Clams in White Wine (Amêijoas com Vinho Branco)

Portuguese Clams in White Wine Clams are very popular in Portugal. Amêijoas com vinho branco (Portuguese clams in white wine) are typically cooked over an open fire in a traditional cataplana, a metal vessel made of two concave halves that clip together to tightly enclose and steam the ingredients. Pork is often added in the […]

Prego de Atum

Prego de Atum (Portuguese Tuna Steak Sandwich) Steak sandwiches, called pregos, are very popular in Portugal. The name translates to ‘nail’, referring to the way the garlic is pounded into the meat. They’re traditionally topped simply with fried onion (see video below) and sweet mustard (though I prefer Dijon) with a bottle of piri-piri sauce […]

Caldo Verde

Caldo Verde(Portuguese Green Soup) Most Portuguese meals, especially dinner, start with soup; many are thick and hearty, using whatever produce is on hand. Caldo verde, meaning literally green broth, is one of the most popular. It’s traditionally made with a local dark green cabbage called galega, closely related to kale which is a good substitute. […]

Portuguese Rice Pudding

Portuguese Rice Pudding Rice pudding is one of the most typical Portuguese desserts. It always makes an appearance at celebrations, from birthdays to weddings, and is usually decorated with a relevant motif sprinkled on top in cinnamon; initials or numbers are popular for birthdays, while hearts, flowers and simple lattices are also common – so […]

Bacon from Heaven

Bacon from Heaven There seem to be as many recipes for toucinho de céu as there are cooks; my simple version is inspired by the one Edite Vieira gives in her wonderful book The Taste of Portugal. She says that it originated in the Middle Ages in a convent (as so many Portuguese desserts did) […]

Flaming Chorizo

Flaming Chorizo Chouriço à bombeiro (fireman’s chorizo) has been on the menu at Bibo Wine Bar in Double Bay since it opened and always draws stares from around the room. I love the aroma and flavour of La Boqueria’s smoked chorizo for flaming chorizo. Traditional Portuguese chouriço tends to be drier than the more widely-available […]

Portuguese Sardine Pate

Sardine Pâté (Paté de Sardinha)

Portuguese Sardine Pate Sardines abound in Portuguese waters and are one of the country’s most popular fish, with each person consuming an average of 5kg per year. Lisbon’s annual sardine festival sees the streets filled with parties, parades and makeshift charcoal grilling stations cooking so many sardines that about 13 are eaten every second of […]

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