Recipe – Spungata (Apricot Tart)

Spungata (Ligurian Apricot Tart) This delicious fruit tart, called spungata in Liguria and spongata in neighbouring Emilia-Romagna, is similar to what other Italian regions call crostata. In Liguria it’s often given as a gift when visiting friends and family. Apricots are a common filling, but it’s also made with apples, pears and other fruits; the […]

Recipe – Savoury Künefe

Savoury Künefe I love the flavours in the pasirma börek in our Month of Turkish and am impressed by how deliciously easy the sweet kunefe is. So I wondered what would happen if we combined them. Here’s the answer: a simple, crunchy, messy, delicious savoury kunefe! Be inspired to vary the filling. As long as […]

Recipe – Shortcrust Cookies

I hate wasting pastry offcuts, so when I make a tart or pie I use the remaining pastry for these tasty little shortcrust cookies. Unlike puff pastry, shortcrust can be rerolled without ill effect, so all of it can be used. If you’re using Carême pastry and store the offcuts in the fridge for more […]

Recipe – Date & Almond Ladies Fingers

The inspiration for these delicious fillo fingers comes from my friend Janni Kyritsis, who uses the same technique to make simple savoury snacks filled with anchovy, feta and olives. I don’t have a very sweet tooth and I love the contrast of the salted butter and subtle sweetness of the icing sugar in these sweet […]

Recipe – Shallot Pancakes

These northern Chinese snacks are irresistibly moreish and a great way to use up the green onion tops that so often end up in the bin. The Method is a simple process of rolling the dough several times to create layers that puff up slightly when cooked. The most important part is rolling it thinly […]

Recipe – Open Fillo Sandwich with Garlic, Tomato & Anchovy

This simple starter is inspired by one of my favourite MG Garage entrées. I love the idea of sandwiching chopped olives between 2 sheets of fillo … and wonder what else might work in this way. Janni used to make a triple stack of the olive-studded fillo sheets with the other Ingredients sandwiched in between, […]

Recipe – Anchovy, Olive & Feta Fillo Fingers

Just about everything I’ve ever cooked has been inspired by something I’ve eaten before and this is no exception … my friend Janni usually whips these up to serve with drinks when friends gather at his place. They’re so simple they hardly need a recipe, and everyone’s always eagerly awaiting the next batch hot out […]

Recipe – Potato & Fontina Tart with Smoked Eel

This deliciously versatile potato & fontina tart is vegetarian … but potatoes and smoked fish are such natural partners that I tried it with smoked eel and loved that version too. Hot-smoked rainbow trout also works; either way use about 300g flesh if using seafood. If fontina’s not available, use any mild washed rind cheese, […]

Recipe – Gnocchi Fritti with Salumi Antipasti

Gnocchi Fritti with Salumi Want a delicious, abundant, stress free feast for a large gathering? The key is platters of simple food that can be assembled ahead of time. Make the centrepiece an array of salumi (I love Salumi Australia’s selection): pancetta, different salamis, bresaola, spreadable spicy ‘nduja, mortadella and delicate Prosciutto di San Danielle. […]

Recipe – Guinea Fowl Bisteeya

Variously written as bisteeya, bastilla, bestela, bastila, pastilla or pastila, this Moroccan pie has many variations but is traditionally an elaborately spiced preparation of pigeon, egg, almonds and warqa pastry, which is similar to Greek fillo pastry. It works well with almost any birds, including quail, chicken and guinea fowl, and is a great way […]