Prawn Cocktail with Avocado

Prawn Cocktail with Avocado Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Australian cooking class! No matter how retro, some recipes don’t go out of fashion because they simply taste good! Cooked prawns with crisp iceberg lettuce and tangy, pale pink cocktail sauce (sauce Marie Rose) is one such combination. Go full retro and serve your […]

How To Cook Pasta Like A Nonna

How To Cook Pasta Like A Nonna Master Classic Pasta Recipes Pasta comes in two basic forms: dried and fresh. Both are good, but suitable for different sauces. Fresh pasta usually contains egg and is typical of more affluent northern Italy where it’s sauced with rich meat ragùs and creamy or buttery sauces. The poorer […]

Southern Fried Salmon

Southern Fried Salmon While fried chicken is the Southern classic, a similar process works just as well with fish in this delicious Southern fried salmon recipe. You can use any firm-fleshed fish; I love salmon as its oiliness echoes the richness of the chicken skin in the traditional recipe. The Southern spice blend is inspired […]

Snapper Baked in Salt Crust

Snapper Baked in Salt Crust Snapper baked in salt crust is a wonderful dish for entertaining – it’s easy to prepare as most of the work is done ahead of time and it’s so impressive when unveiled at the table. Janni Kyritsis taught me all about baking in salt crust when we wrote his cookbook […]

Poached Rainbow Trout

Poached Rainbow Trout The same steeping method used for cooking Hainanese chicken works beautifully with whole fish, especially for poached rainbow trout or salmon. English food writer Jane Grigson recommends poaching pink fish in strong brine and that’s the method I’ve followed for years. Leaving the fish to cool in the poaching liquid keeps it […]

Gnocchi di Patate (Potato Gnocchi)

Potato Gnocchi Like gnocchi?You’ll love my online Italian cooking class! I love versatile potato gnocchi, they’re delicious dressed with just about any pasta sauce including pesto, easy gnocchi Sorrentina from the Amalfi coast, or the simplest burnt butter and sage. You can even boil the gnocchi ahead of time, chill them in iced water then […]

Crispy Potato Skins

Crispy Potato Skins This recipe is inspired by one in a 1980s Gourmet Traveller magazine and I make it with potato skins leftover from preparing gnocchi. Roasting the potatoes on a bed of rock salt then passing them through a potato ricer ensures the driest potato and therefore the lightest gnocchi. It also leaves you […]

Lebanese Pink Pickled Turnips

Lebanese Pink Pickled Turnips Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Lebanese cooking class! Pickled vegetables are always on a Lebanese table. Olives, chillies and turnips are most common, and small stuffed eggplants (makdous), cucumbers and cauliflower are also popular. The most distinctive are the pink pickled turnips, traditionally stained bright pink with beetroot. These […]

Southern Fried Chicken Wings

Southern Fried Chicken Wings The Colonel may have had 11 secret herbs and spices, but these Southern fried chicken wings taste just as good with only four! The secret to flavour is salt – and soaking these wings (or any poultry) in brine makes a world of difference. Just not too long for small pieces […]

Preserved Lemons

Preserved Lemons Preserved lemons, a Moroccan specialty, are super easy to make, a great pantry staple to spice up many dishes and a wonderful homemade gift. It’s a great way to use excess fruit from a backyard lemon tree; or wait until lemons are in season (and inexpensive) then make a big jar to keep […]

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