Shish Barak

Shish Barak Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Lebanese cooking class! Shish barak are little meat filled dumplings cooked in yoghurt sauce, similar to Turkish manti. I find that the longer the dough rests the easier it is to work with, as the gluten relaxes so it’s less likely to spring back when you […]

Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza)

Lahmacun Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Lebanese cooking class! Lahmacun (or lahmajun) is a contraction of ‘lahm bi ajeen’ literally meaning ‘meat with bread’; and these simple tasty flatbreads are also sometimes referred to as Armenian or Turkish pizza. The dough and lamb topping can also be used to make little Lebanese meat […]

Lamb Stock

Lamb Stock Master Kitchen Basics & Explore New Cuisines & Ingredients with My Online Cooking Classes While we often talk about making chicken (see video below), veal, fish and vegetable stocks, lamb stock is less common. Which is a shame as lamb stock is a flavour bomb – a secret ingredient for making the best […]

Lamb & Bean Soup

Lamb & Bean Soup Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Lebanese cooking class! I made this lamb and bean soup to use up some lovely rich lamb stock leftover from braising lamb shanks. It really is important to use homemade stock for this soup as that’s what gives it such great flavour. Beyond that […]

Shish Kebab

Shish Kebab Grilling meat on a skewer over coals is one of the most basic forms of cooking. So kebabs, in their many forms, are popular throughout a huge area covering the Eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, the Caucasus and on to the Indian sub-continent (from whence they spread to South East Asia as satays). There’s […]

Lamb Loin Chops

Lamb Loin Chops with Garlic Oregano Marinade Lamb chops were a fixture on the menu when I was a kid and I’d forgotten how good they are until I noticed them recently at the butchers and thought I’d give them another try. They’re like tiny T-bone steaks and just delicious dressed up with this simple […]

Spicy Lamb Sausage Rolls

Spicy Lamb Sausage Rolls The spicy lamb sausage rolls at the Uraidla Bakery in the Adelaide Hills are the best sausage rolls I’ve ever tasted and this is my attempt to recreate them. I love Carême’s wholemeal spelt pastry for this recipe, but use any good butter puff. If using Carême (which is already the […]

Lamb Kefta & Egg Tagine

Lamb Kefta & Egg Tagine My lamb kefta and egg tagine recipe is inspired by a dish from Moroccan chef Hassan M’Souli who served a his version at Manly restaurant Out of Africa. I love eggs and I love the way this dish looks with them cooking in the sauce as it arrives at the […]

Mustard-crusted Roast Lamb with oregano & lemon potatoes

Mustard-crusted Roast Lamb What’s more Australian than roast lamb? Mum’s Sunday roast is one of my favourite childhood memories. It was a large leg of lamb surrounded by a heap of roast root vegies, with boiled peas, beans, cauliflower and broccoli on the side. It seemed to take all afternoon to prepare and was ample […]

Lamb Cutlets with Romesco Sauce

Lamb Cutlets with Romesco Sauce Romesco is a Spanish sauce from the region of Catalonia, where a variation called salvitxada is served as a dip for calçots, local spring onions traditionally charred over open fires; thick green onions or baby leeks make a good alternative. Since we’re talking Spain, Sherry is the perfect accompaniment, especially […]

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