How To Segment Citrus

How To Segment Citrus Master Kitchen Basics & Explore New Cuisines & Ingredients with My Online Cooking Classes Segmenting citrus gives dishes a professional finish and is easy once you know how. The same method is used for oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit and almost any other citrus fruit. Citrus segments can be used in desserts, […]

Piadina, Stracciatella, Figs & Balsamic Vinegar

Piadina, Stracciatella, Figs & Balsamic Vinegar Learn to Make Piadina at Casa Artusi in Romagna on my Small Group Italian Food & Wine Tour In Emilia-Romagna the flatbread Piadina Romagnola (plural: Piadine Romagnole) is often served with the local cream cheese squacquerone. In Australia I like to use the creamy stracciatella from Vannella Cheese, it […]

Es Degan

Es Degan(Es Kelapa Muda) Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Indonesian cooking class! This iced sweet treat of coconut water, sugar syrup and young coconut flesh is one of Indonesia’s most popular drinks. Es degan is the Javanese name, while elsewhere in Indonesia it’s called es kelapa muda (literally iced young coconut). Traditionally it’s […]

Sop Buah Recipe

Sop Buah Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Indonesian cooking class! This refreshing Indonesian fruit soup is especially popular on hot days. When it’s in season I like to make dragon fruit the star of my sop buah because it’s so colourful, but use any tropical fruits you like including mango, papaya, watermelon, lychees, […]

Top 5 Prosecco Cocktails

Top 5 Prosecco Cocktails Prosecco (also known as glera) is a grape traditionally grown in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in north-eastern Italy, where it’s made into a light, creamy sparkling white wine also called Prosecco. Join me on a food & wine tour of northern Italy – home of Prosecco cocktails! The best is produced […]

Armando’s Panettone with Berries

Armando’s Panettone with Berries Armando’s panettone with berries is a festive dessert made with Italy’s traditional Christmas cake, panettone. Chef Armando Percuoco created it to add a bit of moisture to this brioche-like bread, which some people find a bit too dry. We’ve used berries and mint for a red and green Christmas theme but […]

Spatchcock with Lemon, Garlic & Olives

Spatchcock with Lemon, Garlic & Olives This baked spatchcock with lemon, garlic & olives is inspired by my Greek friend Janni’s classic slow-cooked lamb. The cooking isn’t as long and slow, but the same flavours – lemon, olives, oregano and garlic – are just as delicious with chicken as they are with lamb, and Janni’s […]

Apom Berkuah (Singaporean Coconut Pancakes)

Apom Berkuah with Pengat Pisang Apom berkuah with pengat pisang is a popular Singaporean dessert. Apom comes from the word ‘appam’, a southern Indian fermented rice pancake popular in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and berkuah (also written bokwa or bengkua) means to accompany a thick sauce or gravy, in this case the delicious banana-studded coconut […]

Mojo Octopus

Mojo Octopus Octopus is great barbecued, especially after a bath in this delicious Cuban-inspired mojo marinade. Unlike most seafood, octopus (and its cephalopod cousins squid and cuttlefish) can be marinated overnight, though a few hours at room temperature will do if you’re short on time. Prawns work well with this versatile marinade too and are […]

Swordfish in Orange Sauce

Swordfish in Orange Sauce I find that meaty swordfish has quite an affinity with orange. This recipe was inspired by duck à l’orange, so you can call it poisson à l’orange if you want to be fancy. Swordfish has a tendency to dry out if overcooked, so I prefer to buy sashimi-grade fish and keep […]

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