Best Food & Views in Switzerland

Best Scenery & Food in Switzerland Switzerland is a country on everyone’s bucket list. Yet it’s hard to explore without insider knowledge. I’ve seen it as few outsiders can, through the eyes of my Swiss husband and his family and friends. Join me on a food & wine tour including some of the best scenery […]

Top 5 Counter Dining in Sydney

Top 5 Counter Dining in Sydney I’m not talking about the counter meals I enjoy in outback pubs on long road trips here. This counter dining is the modern, urbane incarnation where, rather than sit at a fancy clothed table … Join me on a Food & Wine Adventure in Sydney Soon! … you perch […]

Top 5 Florence Food Tour

Florence Mini Food Tour Everyone loves Tuscany, especially Florence. My love affair with Italy began in 1989 when I first saw Florence. The imposing Duomo with its green and pink marble walls and distinctive terracotta-tiled dome won my heart at first sight. Join my Small Group Food & Wine Tours of Northern Italy To this […]

Top 5 Venice Cheap Eats

Top 5 Venice Cheap Eats Everyone says Venice is expensive, but that’s not my experience, at least not for eating and drinking. My top tip for enjoying one of my favourite cities at a good price is to go in winter when it’s relatively tourist-free. Eat with the Locals on my Food & Wine Tours […]

Top 5 Walking Tours of Italian Food Markets

Walking Tours of Italian Food Markets One of my favourite parts of any food and wine tour in Italy is walking around the food markets found in every city, neighbourhood, town and village. Join my Italian Food & Wine Tours For Walking Tours of Italy’s Best Food Markets A walking tour of Italian food markets […]

Top 5 Romagna Food & Wine Tour

Romagna Food & Wine Tour Emilia-Romagna may be one political region – but culturally it contains two very different territories. Emilia, in the northwest – home to the foodie cities of Parma, Modena and Bologna – draws most of the attention, while Romagna, in the southeast, remains relatively undiscovered. Join me on a Northern Italian […]

Top 5 Bologna Food Tour

Bologna Food Tour Home of mortadella and Maserati, Bologna is routinely ranked among Italy’s top 10 most liveable cities and has one of the most extensive food markets I’ve ever seen. Join me on an Italian Food & Wine Tour Finishing in Bologna! Bologna is famous for its porticos (covered walkways), all 45 kilometres of […]

Top 5 Modena Food Tour

Modena Food Tour Cars and cucina – perhaps Ferrari and Francescana – are the two things that bring most visitors to Modena in Italy’s ‘food valley’. The startlingly white Romanesque cathedral, with its 90-metre-high bell tower, is impressive, as are the passion and skill of Enzo Ferrari explained through the museum in his family home. […]

Top 5 Parma Food Tour

Parma Food Tour The province of Parma in Emilia-Romagna is famous for some of my favourite foods, including Prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano-Reggiano and eggplant Parmigiana. Join me on an Italian Food & Wine TourStarting in Parma! Smaller than neighbouring Modena and Bologna, Parma is easy to discover on foot (or bicycle) and full of fabulous […]

Top 5 Persian Food & Culture

Top 5 Persian Food & Culture Persian is one of the world’s oldest and most sophisticated cultures and cuisines. Aqueducts built around 3,000 years ago are still used to grow produce in the arid interior of modern-day Iran, and 2,000-year-old buildings, used to keep ice frozen through summer for drinks and desserts, are still standing. […]

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