Best Food & Views in Switzerland

Best Scenery & Food in Switzerland Switzerland is a country on everyone’s bucket list. Yet it’s hard to explore without insider knowledge. I’ve seen it as few outsiders can, through the eyes of my Swiss husband and his family and friends. Join me on a food & wine tour including some of the best scenery […]

Top 5 Swiss Hotels: Where To Stay On Your Swiss Food Tour

Where To Stay On Your Swiss Food Tour Switzerland is to the hotel industry what France is to restaurants, so it’s not surprising that some of my favourite hotels are in Switzerland. Join me on a Swiss Food & Wine Tour staying in some of these historic hotels! Rustic or palatial, beds are comfortable, service […]

Top 5 Walking Tours of Italian Food Markets

Walking Tours of Italian Food Markets One of my favourite parts of any food and wine tour in Italy is walking around the food markets found in every city, neighbourhood, town and village. Join my Italian Food & Wine Tours For Walking Tours of Italy’s Best Food Markets A walking tour of Italian food markets […]

Top 5 Best Markets in France

I love French markets – not just for the fresh produce, though there’s always something new to discover, but also the traditional baked goods, distinctive charcuterie and local cheeses that give an insight into the regional cuisine. There’s also the voyeuristic pleasure of watching locals go about their daily business and the chance to find […]

Top 5 Wales (country guide)

“Why on earth would you go to Wales on holiday?” a British friend scoffed. He was even more shocked when I said it was as much for the thriving food culture as the gorgeous scenery. How often we overlook what’s in our own back yard! Despite our high expectations, this tiny bilingual corner of Europe […]

Top 5 Places to Stay in the British Isles

Top 5 Places to Stay in the British Isles For a couple of relatively small islands, Great Britain and Ireland offer an awful lot to discover. They’re the perfect size for a driving holiday, whether it’s a long weekend in just one area or a few weeks taking in as much as possible. The scenery […]

Top 5 Scottish Breakfasts

Top 5 Scottish Breakfasts My favourite meal in Scotland is undoubtedly breakfast. Although I’ve had some fine lunches and dinners in my father’s homeland, what always stands out for me is the quality (and often quantity) of Scottish breakfasts. Perhaps because of the cold climate, they are inevitably hearty affairs of smoked fish, porridge and […]

Top 5 Faroe Islands

When I travel, I’m drawn to the wild and remote, places clinging to the edge of the world where cultures have been preserved and I can catch a glimpse of ‘the other’ – throw in some breathtaking scenery, and I’m hooked. A trip to the Faroe Islands ticks all these boxes and more. These 18 […]

Top 5 French Hotels

Top 5 French Hotels I don’t know about you, but I travel for diversity, to see ‘the other’. I live in a beautiful city – multicultural, on a magnificent harbour, full of great art, culture and architecture, with some of the world’s best eats. So why travel at all? Because I like to wake up, […]

Top 5 Italian Hotels

You’ve probably guessed by now that I love Italy – its food, wine, people, scenery and history. I also love its beautiful, distinctive hotels that have a real sense of place within the rich tapestry of Italy’s diverse landscape. Here are five of my favourite Italian hotels. Hotel Londra Palace, Venicewww.londrapalace.comA couple of minutes stroll […]

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