Lebanese Lemonade (Batrouni Laimounada)

Lebanese Lemonade Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Lebanese cooking class! Homemade lemonade is a delicious treat and very popular in Lebanon and, especially in summer, a typical way to welcome guests. Lebanese lemonade is also called Batrouni lemonade after the resort town of Batroun in northern Lebanon, famous for its beaches, nightlife and […]

How To Segment Citrus

How To Segment Citrus Master Kitchen Basics & Explore New Cuisines & Ingredients with My Online Cooking Classes Segmenting citrus gives dishes a professional finish and is easy once you know how. The same method is used for oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit and almost any other citrus fruit. Citrus segments can be used in desserts, […]

Top 5 Caribbean Rum Cocktails

Top 5 Caribbean Rum Cocktails Due to the post-colonial proliferation of sugarcane plantations, rum is one of the Caribbean’s most important exports – and one of its favourite cocktail ingredients! Get More Caribbean Inspiration Here! I’ve given suggestions for white or dark rum in some recipes below, but you can make these classic Caribbean rum […]

Spatchcock with Lemon, Garlic & Olives

Spatchcock with Lemon, Garlic & Olives This baked spatchcock with lemon, garlic & olives is inspired by my Greek friend Janni’s classic slow-cooked lamb. The cooking isn’t as long and slow, but the same flavours – lemon, olives, oregano and garlic – are just as delicious with chicken as they are with lamb, and Janni’s […]

Mojo Octopus

Mojo Octopus Octopus is great barbecued, especially after a bath in this delicious Cuban-inspired mojo marinade. Unlike most seafood, octopus (and its cephalopod cousins squid and cuttlefish) can be marinated overnight, though a few hours at room temperature will do if you’re short on time. Prawns work well with this versatile marinade too and are […]

Swordfish in Orange Sauce

Swordfish in Orange Sauce I find that meaty swordfish has quite an affinity with orange. This recipe was inspired by duck à l’orange, so you can call it poisson à l’orange if you want to be fancy. Swordfish has a tendency to dry out if overcooked, so I prefer to buy sashimi-grade fish and keep […]

Basler Läckerli

Basler Läckerli Discover more regional specialties on my small group food & wine tour of Switzerland! Basler läckerli is a delicious sweet treat that’s a specialty of the Swiss canton of Basel. It’s sometimes made with hazelnuts instead of almonds and some recipes use either just orange peel or just lemon peel, so feel free […]


Orangettes Like this recipe? You’ll love my online French cooking class featuring the Food of Provence! I started making chocolate-dipped candied orange peel for dinner parties in the 1980s without realizing they had a connection to France. Candied citrus rind isn’t a new thing and I’m sure many people have had the idea of taking […]

Bottarga & Lemon Pappardelle

Bottarga & Lemon Pappardelle Like bottarga?You’ll love my online Italian cooking class featuring the food of Sardinia! I love pasta! I also love lemon and bottarga, so I created this simple recipe combining all three. It’s inspired by my friend and co-author, Giovanni Pilu who introduced me to the joys of bottarga along with many […]

Top 5 Southern Cocktails

Some of the oldest American cocktails come out of the South, which makes them some of the oldest cocktails in the world given this style of beverage was at least popularised in the USA. Here are my favourite classic Southern cocktails, using some of my favourite Australian spirits (and a Kentucky bourbon). Each recipe serves […]

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