Top 5 Prosecco Cocktails

Top 5 Prosecco Cocktails Prosecco (also known as glera) is a grape traditionally grown in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in north-eastern Italy, where it’s made into a light, creamy sparkling white wine also called Prosecco. Join me on a food & wine tour of northern Italy – home of Prosecco cocktails! The best is produced […]

Top 5 Italian Sparkling Wines

Top 5 Italian Sparkling Wines Italy’s sparkling wines, or ones named for them, were many people’s first foray into the world of bubbles. Join me on an Italian Food & Wine Tour of Northern Italy! Coming of drinking age in Australia in the early ’80s, it was a glass of lambrusco or Asti spumante that […]

Top 5 Pet Nat (Natural Sparkling Wine)

What is this term, pet nat, appearing on crown-sealed bottles of cloudy fizz? It’s shorthand for the French pétillant naturel, or ‘sparkling natural’. Sure pet nats are one of the latest things in the world of natural wine … but then everything old is new again, and these are made by the simplest and oldest […]

Top 5 Sparkling Red Wines

Sparkling red wine is a distinctly Aussie thing. I don’t claim we invented it of course, I’m a big fan of Emilia-Romagna’s delicious Lambruscos and have enjoyed red espumante in Portugal, but sparkling reds have been part of our wine industry since the late 1800s (when they were called sparkling Burgundy). Aussie sparkling reds tend […]

Top 5 Unusual Sparkling Wines

Nothing says ‘celebration’ quite like a glass of fizz. Champagne, prosecco, and the other usual culprits, are all very well – but next time you want some bubbles, try something a little left of centre. Here’s a gorgeous amber coloured fizz, one of England’s finest, sparkling sake and Swiss cider, and a gorgeous local pet […]

Top 5 Champagne Cocktails

There’s nothing like bubbles to get everyone in a party mood. While Champagne is the traditional fizz of choice, sparkling wines from other French regions, Italy, Australia and New Zealand can also do the job – often at a fraction of the cost – especially in these five popular cocktails. Keep the snacks French by […]

Top 5 Sparkling Rosé

I have to confess that sparkling wines aren’t a passion of mine … I’d generally rather spend my alcohol quota on still wine … but some occasions just seem to call for fizz. I find good sparkling rosé a little more savoury, and therefore more versatile, than its white counterpart … and I love the […]

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