Lahmacun (Turkish Pizza)

Lahmacun Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Lebanese cooking class! Lahmacun (or lahmajun) is a contraction of ‘lahm bi ajeen’ literally meaning ‘meat with bread’; and these simple tasty flatbreads are also sometimes referred to as Armenian or Turkish pizza. The dough and lamb topping can also be used to make little Lebanese meat […]

Za’atar Manouche (Lebanese Flatbreads)

Za’atar Manouche Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Lebanese cooking class! Flatbreads called manouche (or manakish, manaqish, man’ousheh and other variations) are a very typical Lebanese breakfast, though I love them as a snack at any time of day. Za’atar, the ubiquitous Middle Eastern seasoning of dried thyme, is the most common topping, but […]

How To Make Croutons

How To Make Croutons Master Kitchen Basics & Explore New Cuisines & Ingredients with My Online Cooking Classes Croutons (croûtons in French) are a good way to use up stale bread and are great with dips, soups or tossed through salads. The name crouton is a diminutive of the French croûte, meaning crust. Originally crisped […]

Piadina, Stracciatella, Figs & Balsamic Vinegar

Piadina, Stracciatella, Figs & Balsamic Vinegar Learn to Make Piadina at Casa Artusi in Romagna on my Small Group Italian Food & Wine Tour In Emilia-Romagna the flatbread Piadina Romagnola (plural: Piadine Romagnole) is often served with the local cream cheese squacquerone. In Australia I like to use the creamy stracciatella from Vannella Cheese, it […]

Manx Fruit Bonnag

Manx Fruit Bonnag Like this recipe? You’ll love my online British cooking class! If the Isle of Man can lay claim to a ‘best known dish’, it would be bonnag. The name probably comes from the same root as Scots bannock and I believe it would originally have been a simple soda bread or griddle […]

Tarte Flambee Forestiere

Tarte Flambée Forestière Like this recipe? You’ll love my online French cooking class inspired by Damien Pignolet! While restaurants in France and abroad add all sorts of toppings to tarte flambée (flammekueche) these days, the traditional toppings I’ve always seen in Alsace are crème fraîche and onion with either speck or mushrooms (or both). So […]

Piadina Romagnola

Piadina Romagnola Learn to Make Piadina at Casa Artusi in Romagna on my Small Group Italian Food & Wine Tour Everywhere you go in Romagna, you’re served this flatbread. I was taught to make it by a local lady at Casa Artusi in Forlimpopoli, a cooking school and foundation dedicated to the work of Italy’s […]

Potato Focaccia

Potato Focaccia I love authentic focaccia made with a generous amount of olive oil. My recipe is inspired by Ligurian-born restaurateur, Lucio Galletto, who uses more water and oil in his recipe than many I’ve seen, which is what makes his focaccia so delicious. I love how versatile focaccia is and especially enjoy potato focaccia […]

Date Scones

Date Scones Date scones are an Aussie classic, perfect as a sweet treat any time. Mine are inspired by Matt Moran’s date scone recipe in Australian Food, which is in turn inspired by the scones his Nan Valda used to make. The dates and mixed spice make them so tasty I don’t think they need […]

Herb Scones

Herb Scones I love herb scones alongside a bowl of soup, but they also make a great savoury addition to afternoon tea. Use just one herb or a mixture of any fresh herbs you like: parsley, chervil, dill, chives, tarragon or thyme – even a little very finely chopped rosemary – in this versatile, tasty […]

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