Recipe – Lotus Paste Shortbread Biscuits

Lotus Paste Shortbread Biscuits Cheong Liew tells me that these lotus paste shortbead biscuits are typically served with jasmine tea at the end of a Chinese banquet and, while golden lotus seed paste (lin yoong) is traditional, they can be filled with red bean (hong dou sha), black sesame (hei zhi ma xian) or any […]

Recipe – Polvorónes (Andalusian Shortbread)

PolvorónesAndalusian Shortbread These Spanish shortbreads hail from the southern region of Andalusia and are particularly popular at Christmas time. The name comes from the Spanish word polvo, meaning powder or dust, referring to their crumbly texture – the dough is the crumbliest I’ve ever worked with! They’re popular in Latin America and the Philippines and […]

Recipe – Pinolate (Pine Nut Cookies)

Pinolate (Ligurian Pine Nut Cookies) These simple Ligurian pine nut cookies have a wonderfully chewy soft centre with a crisp outer and delicious nutty flavour. Also called pignoli or amaretti con pignoli, they’re traditionally made with a mix of bitter and sweet almonds. As bitter almonds can be hard to find, I use marzipan mixed […]

Recipe – Benne Wafers (Sesame Seed Cookies)

Benne Wafers (Sesame Cookies) Benne (pronounced benny) is the heirloom ancestor to modern day sesame seeds. Morgan tells me that even raw they have the rich, nutty flavour of toasted sesame seeds. Slaves brought benne seeds with them from Africa, and initially they were only grown in their subsistence plots. Over time the African cooks […]

Recipe – Miso & Sesame Cookies

Japanese sweets often have an intriguing blend of sweet and savoury, and if you like the black sesame cookies in our Month of Japanese, you’ll love these miso-spiked ones too. I like white miso for its mild taste, but you can experiment with different ones if you like a more savoury flavour. Use whatever sesame […]

Recipe – Hong Kong Walnut Biscuits

While lard is traditional in these deliciously crumbly biscuits, I’m more likely to have butter on hand so that’s what I use, I also like the flavour it adds. Substitute extra castor sugar for the brown sugar if need be. Makes 12 pieces Ingredients ¾ cup walnut pieces (about 70g) 1 cup plain flour ½ […]

Recipe – Coconut Jelly

Coconut Jelly This light, slightly sweet, fluffy jelly treat, often seen as on yum cha trolleys, is also a popular finish to a spicy meal in Malaysia where it’s known as agar-agar kelapa. Makes 16 small squares Ingredients 1 cup water 80g castor sugar 1 tablespoon powdered gelatine 100ml coconut milk (see note) 2 egg […]

Recipe – Lemon Shortbread Cookies

I started thinking about classic Aussie melting moments … but didn’t have any cornflour so substituted rice flour, which gave my cookies more of a shortbread texture. I still made the lemon buttercream filling, but instead of using it to sandwich 2 cookies together, I spread it (rather generously) on top of each one. You […]

Recipe – Chocolate & Raspberry Brownies

This American classic is one of the easiest sweet treats to make. The recipe could be written in one sentence: melt butter and chocolate, whisk eggs and sugar, combine, fold in flour and bake. The most delicious brownies I’ve ever had were made by Scottish food writer Sue Lawrence; they contained fresh raspberries and inspired […]

Recipe – Nanaimo Bar

This is my version of the delicious unbaked slice I discovered years ago on a road trip through Canada. It hails from the town of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, but is popular throughout the country. It’s a simple biscuit base with creamy custard-flavoured filling and chocolate ganache topping – and it’s irresistible! Nanaimo bars are […]

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