Armando’s Panettone with Berries

Armando’s Panettone with Berries Armando’s panettone with berries is a festive dessert made with Italy’s traditional Christmas cake, panettone. Chef Armando Percuoco created it to add a bit of moisture to this brioche-like bread, which some people find a bit too dry. We’ve used berries and mint for a red and green Christmas theme but […]

Caramelised Baked Strawberries

Caramelised Baked Strawberries This easy dessert of baked strawberries is inspired by one my friend Janni Kyritsis taught me when we wrote Wild Weed Pie together. Throughout much of the year, strawberries are more about colour than taste. Baking them, especially with a touch of sugar, brings out their natural flavour. Baked strawberries make a […]


Cranachan Like this recipe? You’ll love my online British cooking class! Cranachan, a combination of oats, raspberries, whisky and honey (ideally heather honey, which is available online from Gourmet Life), is the most typical Scottish dessert. A bit like a Scottish Eton mess, these days it’s usually made with whipped cream, though traditionally Scotland’s cottage […]

Raspberry Crème Fraîche Sherbet

Raspberry Lime Sherbet I love the way good basic recipes can be rejigged to suit different occasions and ingredients. I originally made a mango and lime sorbet (more accurately called a sherbet, see FAQ below for details); then when I needed something to accompany a friend’s chocolate tart I used the base recipe to create […]

Top 5 Dessert Cocktails

While cocktails are typically served before dinner, I find some are better suited to the end of the evening. Here’s my version of five classic cocktails that are perfect after, or instead of, dessert. Make your own simple sugar syrup by combining equal quantities of water and sugar or have fun with the exciting range […]

Chocolate & Raspberry Brownies

Chocolate & Raspberry Brownies This American classic is one of the easiest sweet treats to make. The recipe could be written in one sentence: melt butter and chocolate, whisk eggs and sugar, combine, fold in flour and bake. The most delicious brownies I’ve ever had were made by Scottish food writer Sue Lawrence; they contained […]

Classic Pavlova

Classic Pavlova Let’s skip the Australia vs New Zealand debate and just agree that this popular dessert (as light as the ballerina Anna Pavlova), is delicious and much easier to make than it looks. The secret to a light crisp shell and marshmallowy centre is the vinegar and cornflour, plus letting it cool completely in […]

Breakfast Parfait

Breakfast Parfait I’m not much for breakfast, except on weekends when I have time for a leisurely brunch on the veranda with a big bowl of coffee and my latest cookbook. Then I do like the crunch of toasted muesli (especially Phillippa’s cranberry granola) with the creamy tang of a thick natural yoghurt like Meredith […]

Strawberries in Cointreau

Strawberries in Cointreau So simple, it’s hardly a recipe at all, strawberries in Cointreau is my go-to dish when I want a super-quick delicious finish to a meal. It’s perfect for a night in for two, and just as easily multiplied for a casual dinner party. In summer, when it’s easier to get full-flavoured strawberries, […]

Strawberries Romanoff

Strawberries Romanoff I’ve seen this simple dessert credited to Câreme and Escoffier (under the name Strawberries Americaine-style) though it seems to have become famous at Romanoff’s, a popular Beverly Hills restaurant in the 1940s and 50s. It was a favourite of mine at a suburban Italian restaurant that I frequented in the 1980s where they […]

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