DeliVita Portable Woodfired Oven


Inspired by his Italian heritage, Yorkshireman Joe Formisano hand makes these gorgeous portable woodfired ovens.

Made of clay-lined fibreglass with a base of Italian volcanic stone, they weigh just 30kg and have handles so can easily be moved.

Additional Information

Joe and his wife Faye had a large wood-fired oven – a bit like the one I have in my backyard – and, like me, quickly found that it took a lot of wood and a long time to come to temperature – about 4 hours and 20kgs respectively. Great if you’re hosting a big party, not so handy when you want to whip up pizza for the family’s Sunday dinner. Frustrated he decided he could do better and so designed his own portable woodfired oven. The fibreglass shell of the DeliVita woodfired ovens makes them perfect for all weather conditions, from a Yorkshire winter to an Aussie summer and Joe now exports to 22 countries, including Italy!

  • Italian-inspired, handmade in Yorkshire; each oven takes 3 weeks to make
  • Clay-lined fibreglass with Italian volcanic stone base and hand-welded marine-grade stainless steel front
  • Reaches around 500°C in about 1 hour and holds its heat for around an hour
  • Fuel efficient, burning one piece of hardwood every half hour or so
  • Cooks pizzas in 60–90 seconds
  • Ideal for all sorts of meat, seafood and vegetables as well as bread and slow-cooking in the residual heat
  • Weighs just 30kg and has carrying handles – base doesn’t get hot so can sit on any sturdy table
  • Range of colours
  • 65cm x 59cm x 35cm


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