A Sardinian Cookbook by Giovanni Pilu & Roberta Muir (signed by Giovanni & Roberta)


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Giovanni and I travelled to Sardinia together so that I could gain an insight into the culture and cuisine that shapes the food I love at his beachside restaurant in Sydney’s Freshwater. Then we created this book which celebrates the unique flavours of Sardinia, an island where people have always foraged in the mountains and forests for wild fennel, asparagus, chicory, nettles, chestnuts, berries and honey; where rabbit and wild boar are still hunted in the traditional way and where wild juniper, mint, sage, and the characteristic Sardinian myrtle, scent many dishes. More than just a collection of recipes – including malloreddus with clams, bottarga and zucchini flowers; roasted suckling pig with scented apple sauce; and seadas, Sardinia’s wonderful deep-fried, cheese filled pastries – this book is filled with details of Sardinia’s unique foods and culinary heritage and stories of Giovanni’s youth among the forests and hills of his island home. A Sardinian Cookbook is an authentic and fascinating introduction to Sardinian food and culture, where hospitality is at the core and no meal is complete without cheese and bread on the table. This book is out of print, however a few autographed copies are available here.

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