Top 5 Australian Rosés

Top 5 Australian Rosés For me spring means longer days, warmer nights, the scent of jasmine, and rosé! I have a strong bias toward the pale salmon-pink rosés of Provence … Discover more of the best Australian rosés … and an equally strong aversion to the hot-pink, grenache-based lolly water that was typical of Australian […]

Top 5 Persian Drinks

Top 5 Persian Drinks Because alcohol isn’t an option in Iran (except for rough illegal moonshine), the range of non-alcoholic beverages is wide, interesting and delicious, including lots of freshly squeezed fruit juices sold by street vendors all over city streets and markets. Discover more delicious Persian recipes in my online Persian cooking class Tea […]

Top 5 Prosecco Cocktails

Top 5 Prosecco Cocktails Prosecco (also known as glera) is a grape traditionally grown in Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in north-eastern Italy, where it’s made into a light, creamy sparkling white wine also called Prosecco. Join me on a food & wine tour of northern Italy – home of Prosecco cocktails! The best is produced […]

Top 5 Gifts For Recipe Lovers

Top 5 Gifts For Recipe Lovers Looking for last minute gift ideas for food lovers who read cookbooks like novels? Check out these great cookbooks and cookbook apps. Give Recipes + Cooking Videos perfect for all ages anywhere in the world. From just $39! Looking for last minute gift ideas for food lovers? Check out […]

Top 5 Unusual Hotels

For me, one of the most exciting things about travel is stepping outside my comfort zone and exploring ‘the other’. On holidays we spend our days hearing (and sometimes speaking) different languages, eating different foods, and observing different cultural practices – but then usually retreat to a somewhat standard hotel room and bed to sleep. […]

Top 5 Shared Menus

I’m greedy! Not for quantity, but for variety. I love sharing food – sampling lots of different dishes rather than just having a plate or two to myself. More and more restaurants are writing menus designed for sharing, and most of them also make decision-making easy by offering a selection of their favourite dishes as […]

Top 5 Wine Bars

Top 5 Wine Bars I remember a time when ordering wine by the glass meant a choice of white or red … usually from a cask or the cheapest bottle the venue stocked. Today it’s an opportunity to try a whole range of interesting drops from some of the world’s best producers. So I’m excited […]

Top 5 Weekend Brunch

Top 5 Weekend Brunch While Sydney has hundreds of cafés offering great coffee and breakfast fare 7 days a week, weekend brunch calls for something different. These five restaurants go beyond the usual bacon and eggs or bircher muesli, with menus that echo the innovative food they serve at lunch or dinner the rest of […]

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