How To Truss Poultry

How To Truss A Chicken Master Kitchen Basics & Explore New Cuisines & Ingredients with My Online Cooking Classes Trussing a chicken, or any poultry, means tying it securely with twine so the wings and legs stay close to the body. This makes the bird more compact so it cooks evenly and the wings and […]

Chicken Mee Goreng

Chicken Mee Goreng Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Singaporean cooking class! Mee goreng is pure Singapore! The name means fried noodles in Malay, but it has its roots in the Indian community. Noodles aren’t common in Indian food, but this is the Singaporean Indians’ take on the stir-fried noodles of their Chinese compatriots […]

Chicken with Chorizo

Chicken with Chorizo Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Portuguese cooking class! My chicken with chorizo recipe is based on a classic Portuguese dish, amêijoas com chouriço (clams with chorizo). I created it for a friend who couldn’t eat shellfish but didn’t want to miss out on the flavours. Chicken’s not dissimilar to meaty […]

Chicken with Spinach & Peas

Chicken with Spinach & Peas Join my food & wine tour of Northern Italy to discover more Italian regional specialties Chicken with spinach & peas is inspired by a classic Ligurian dish, seppie in zimino. In Liguria cuttlefish (seppie), salt cod and chickpeas are often cooked ‘in zimino’, meaning braised with spinach or silver beet […]

Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Indian cooking class inspired by Ajoy Joshi! Biryani is a festive Indian one-pot rice dish. Unlike a simple pilau, the rice is partially cooked then layered with the seasoned meat to finish cooking. Well caramelised onions are key to a successful biryani – cook them long […]

Chicken with Black Bean & Crispy Noodles

Chicken with Black Bean & Crispy Noodles Like this recipe? You’ll love my online Asian Home Cooking cooking class inspired by Cheong Liew! I love this classic Chinese dish of black bean chicken with crispy noodles. The combination of salty black beans, spicy chilli and slightly sweet smoky oyster sauce is delicious and, while you […]

Spatchcock with Lemon, Garlic & Olives

Spatchcock with Lemon, Garlic & Olives This baked spatchcock with lemon, garlic & olives is inspired by my Greek friend Janni’s classic slow-cooked lamb. The cooking isn’t as long and slow, but the same flavours – lemon, olives, oregano and garlic – are just as delicious with chicken as they are with lamb, and Janni’s […]

Chinese Red-Cooked Chicken Salad

Chinese Red-Cooked Chicken Salad Red-cooking is a classic Cantonese technique of braising food in dark soy sauce and Shaoxing wine to give it a burgundy hue. Inspired by a recipe of Cheong Liew’s, I use those ingredients to marinate chicken before baking it. Cheong served a deep-fried version of this dish as part of Neddy’s […]

Duck Fat Potatoes

Duck Fat Potatoes Duck fat potatoes are quite a delicacy in France – so when I had some rendered duck fat left over from frying duck breasts for duck à l’orange (see video below), I thought I’d make some. The verdict: easy and utterly delicious! The trick is to fry them for about 10 minutes […]

Chicken Stock (Brown)

Chicken Stock A good chicken stock is the base for great soups, risotto, casseroles and many other dishes. Even seafood and red meat dishes often use chicken stock for its subtle flavour that adds depth without competing with the star Ingredients. Roasting the chicken bones before boiling them, to make what is called a brown […]

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