Top 5 Provence

Top 5 Provence Salade Niçoise, le grande aioli, tapenade, ratatouille and the famous bouillabaisse of Marseille, Provence has much to offer food lovers. Add great weather, delicious pale rosé, colourful markets, beautiful scenery and fascinating ancient sites and you have all the makings of a splendid holiday. Here are five of the things I love […]

Top 5 Regional French Recipes

Top 5 Regional French Recipes France borders eight other countries, including Italy, Spain, and Germany, and stretches from the North Sea to the Mediterranean via a long Atlantic coastline. All of which makes for very varied regional cuisines. Let your tastebuds take you on a vicarious holiday with these five regional French recipes. Salade Lyonnaise […]

Top 5 Best Markets in France

I love French markets – not just for the fresh produce, though there’s always something new to discover, but also the traditional baked goods, distinctive charcuterie and local cheeses that give an insight into the regional cuisine. There’s also the voyeuristic pleasure of watching locals go about their daily business and the chance to find […]

Top 5 Brittany (regional guide)

One of France’s most remote and intriguing regions, Brittany (Bretagne in French), is the rugged north-western tip of France jutting into the Atlantic Ocean. Prehistoric standing stones attest to its ancient past, while its local dialect, Breton (closely related to Cornish and Welsh), and its very name are a reminder that it was an outpost […]

Top 5 Quirky Shops in Paris

Paris is a wonderful city to stroll around. It’s full of gardens, monuments and beautiful shops – galleries, boutiques, perfumeries, bookshops, antiques, bric a brac and some really quirky stores. Wandering aimlessly in a city this size can seem a bit daunting though, so on my last visit I created a DIY walking tour centred […]

Top 5 Classic French Desserts

Top 5 Classic French Desserts I’m not a dessert cook! Trust me … they are a special breed with far more patience than I possess. But I sometimes like to finish a meal on a sweet note, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover just how easy some recipes can be, especially these classic French […]

Top 5 Rennes (city guide)

Brittany’s capital city is a charming university town just 2 hours from Paris by TGV. There’s much to recommend it as a short break destination, from cobbled streets of beautiful half-timbered houses to art-deco buildings covered in glistening mosaic tiles, a huge Saturday market that spans several streets and covered halls, and food ranging from […]

Top 5 Jura (regional guide)

One of the less visited areas of France, Jura is a diverse landscape of plains, vineyard-clad hills and the rugged Jura Mountains, which it shares with neighbouring Switzerland. There’s some spectacular scenery and delicious food, but most exciting of all is the unique vin jaune (‘yellow wine’) that has made this region famous among oenophiles […]

Top 5 Lyon (city guide)

Lyon was dubbed ‘the capital of world gastronomy’ by celebrated culinary critic Curnonsky in 1935 and today boasts over 20 Michelin stars – though you really come here to eat in bouchons, traditional casual restaurants, similar to Parisian bistros but unique to Lyon. Best of all, Lyon also has a lot to offer between meals […]

Top 5 Paris (city guide)

As Ella Fitzgerald sang: I love Paris in the springtime … I love Paris in the fall. Let’s face it, it’s a pretty easy city to love – and I find it grows on me a little more with each visit. Here are the five things I love most about the city of love. Stay […]

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