Firedoor Every now and then there’s a restaurant that feels like a second home. The staff know what you want to drink and where you want to sit, and the kitchen knows any quirky dietary preferences you may have. It’s where you want to celebrate the good times and take the edge off the bad […]

Le Salle Dining by Bar Chaplin

Le Salle Dining by Bar Chaplin I stumbled across this tiny gem with a big name – Le Salle Dining by Bar Chaplin – while walking up narrow Hutchison Street after dinner at a nearby Surry Hills restaurant. Attracted by the light in the window, I stepped up to the door for a closer look […]

Megalong Restaurant at Lot 101

Megalong Restaurant Recently Franz and I found ourselves driving through the Megalong Valley to visit winemaker Jon Darragh. As we turned into Peach Tree Road, I spotted the Megalong Restaurant Lot 101 sign and thought I’d see if they had a spare table for lunch. I’m so glad I did for so many reasons. Join […]

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