Recipe – Nuoc Mam Cham

Nuoc Mam Cham Check Out A Month of VietnameseRecipes+Videos Online Masterclass Fish sauce is the essential condiment in Vietnamese cooking, as salt and pepper are in the west. A bottle sits on the table at every meal and at its simplest it’s poured straight from that bottle. A little chopped chilli is typically served […]

Recipe – Sambal Goreng (Fried Chilli Paste)

Sambal Goreng (Fried Chilli Paste) I love having good condiments on hand to add flavour to quick and easy meals. In Southeast Asia that’s often a sambal, and sambal goreng is one of the easiest and tastiest. Sambal means ‘chilli’ and goreng means ‘fried’ and I use this fried chilli paste in mee goreng and […]

Recipe – Stir-fried Bean Sprouts & Garlic Chives

Stir-fried Bean Sprouts & Garlic Chives I love the crunch of bean sprouts scattered over many dishes, from char kway teow to laksa, but I find that whenever I buy a bag I always waste more than half of them as I’m using just a small handful as a garnish. Then I came across tumis […]

Recipe – Nyonya Curry Paste

Nyonya Curry Paste My Singaporean friend, Audra Morrice, taught me to make this classic Nyonya curry paste. She explained that it can be tricky making curry pastes in a smaller quantity than this, so it’s best to make the full amount then, if you don’t need it all, freeze half for a quick meal later. […]

How To Toast Shrimp Paste

How To Toast Shrimp Paste Fermented shrimp paste is used widely throughout Southeast Asia to add depth and savouriness to dishes. It’s called belacan in Malay, terasi in Indonesian, and gapi in Thai; there are minor variations between the different preparations so it’s best to use a shrimp paste native to the cuisine you’re cooking. […]

How to Make Tamarind Liquid

How to Make Tamarind Liquid Tamarind adds a deliciously tangy note to many Asian dishes. To make a thick sweet-sour tamarind liquid for use in any recipe, combine 1 part tamarind pulp with 1.6 parts warm water and set aside for 10 minutes or so then knead it to extract the pulp from the seeds. […]

Recipe – Apom Berkuah (Singaporean Coconut Pancakes)

Apom Berkuah with Pengat Pisang Apom berkuah with pengat pisang is a popular Singaporean dessert. Apom comes from the word ‘appam’, a southern Indian fermented rice pancake popular in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, and berkuah (also written bokwa or bengkua) means to accompany a thick sauce or gravy, in this case the delicious banana-studded coconut […]

Recipe – Oyster Omelette (Or Chien)

Oyster Omelette This recipe brings back memories of my first trip to Singapore – and my first meal at Newton Circus hawker centre. I’ve seen the translation of oyster omelette written so many ways, including or luak, orh luak, orr chien, orh jian and o-a-tsian. The ingredients vary a lot too, some people use tapioca […]

Recipe – Kaya Toast

Kaya Toast Kaya toast is a classic Singaporean breakfast, found in every kopi tiam (coffee house) across the island. And what’s not to love? Crisp white toast, a thick slice of cold butter and a good smear of sweet coconut jam (kaya). This isn’t the place for fancy sourdough, supermarket-style sliced white bread is the […]

Recipe – Fish Head Curry

Fish Head Curry Fish head curry is a classic Singaporean and Malaysian dish. It’s said to have originated in Singapore in the 1950s, though it seems likely that thrifty housewives were finding ways to make fish heads tasty long before then, after all the meat in the cheeks and wings is delicious and plentiful in […]

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