Top 5 Italian Sparkling Wines

Top 5 Italian Sparkling Wines Italy’s sparkling wines, or ones named for them, were many people’s first foray into the world of bubbles. Coming of drinking age in Australia in the early 80s, it was a glass of lambrusco or Asti spumante that made me feel oh-so-sophisticated; today local producers and great-value imports have made […]

Top 5 Northern Italian Cheeses

Before refrigeration and modern transport, especially in remote mountain regions like the Alps, butter-making and cheesemaking were important ways of preserving milk. Large, cooked, well-pressed wheels, with as much whey as possible extracted, had a long shelf life and could survive the journey to distant markets. Some of Italy’s best known cow’s milk cheeses are […]

Top 5 Pasta Shapes
& How To Cook Pasta Perfectly

Pasta is the perfect quick and easy comfort food. I always have half a dozen or so basic dried pasta shapes in the pantry for fast, delicious meals that warm the tummy and the heart. Here’s a rundown on the basic pasta shapes with links to some of my favourite recipes to get you started; […]

Top 5 Australian Italian Red Wines

Forget cabernet sauvignon, shiraz and even pinot noir just for a moment. As fine as they are, there’s a whole world of grape varieties out there to explore, and many of the most widely available in Australia hail from Italy. Hardly surprising given our enduring love affair with Italian food and culture. Every region of […]

Top 5 Classic Pasta Sauces

Email Roberta for a print-friendly version Top 5 Classic Pasta Sauces A quick pasta sauce is my Sunday night stand by – in fact it’s my go-to any night of the week when I don’t really feel like cooking. My favourites are made from what’s on hand in the pantry or fridge (with maybe a […]

Top 5 Casual Italian Restaurants

With our love of espresso, pizza, pasta and vino, Australia could be Italy’s 21st region. Italian immigrants were among the first to broaden the Anglo-Celtic Aussie palate and we also have them to thank for one of the world’s best coffee cultures. Now more than ever, it’s easy to get delicious, authentic, great value Italian […]

Top 5 Italian Food Markets

One of my favourite pastimes in Italy is browsing the food markets found in every city, neighbourhood, town and village. It’s a wonderful way to join the locals going about their daily business; and the variety of cheese, salumi, preserves, meat, seafood, bread, vegetables and fruit is head-spinning … I always discover something I’ve never […]

Top 5 Australian Italian White Wines

Here’s some more top Aussie drops: ~ Top 5 Aussie Italian Reds ~ Top 5 Aussie Pinot Noirs ~ Top 5 Aussie Rieslings ~ Top 5 Aussie Rosés ~ Top 5 Aussie Fortifieds ~ Top 5 Aussie Dark Craft Beers Top 5 Australian Italian White Wines Grape vines arrived in Australia with the First Fleet, […]

Top 5 Milan (city guide)

Milan, Italy’s second largest city, is such a convenient spot to fly in and out of – and there’s that unforgettably breathtaking view of the Alps as you drive towards Malpensa Airport. But I really don’t enjoy large cities … so my solution is to keep ‘my Milan’ very small, more a village centred around […]

Top 5 Florence (city guide)

My love affair with Italy began in 1989 when I saw Florence for the first time. The imposing Duomo, with its green and pink marble walls and distinctive terracotta-tiled dome, was largely what won me over … I love the way you catch glimpses of it from virtually everywhere within the old city. Considered the […]

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