Extras Pack – Big Chilli & Garlic Chicken (No Rub)


Big Chilli & Garlic Chicken with chopped salad and rice is inspired by Olsson’s punchy chilli and garlic salt rub (if you’re ordering this Extras Pack we’ll assume you already have the salt rub).

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Additional Information

Gotta love deliciously easy meals on the table quickly, made from premium fresh produce and a touch of inspiration!

Feeding more than 2 or already have the salt rub? Order here and we’ll send you everything you need except the salt rub and pantry staples*.

Want a canister of Big Chilli & Garlic salt rub too? Order the full Meal here.

Fresh & Easy Extras Packs include:
– the ingredients needed* to create a generous main course with sides for 2 people;
– free delivery with a Be Inspired Kit

Not receiving a Be Inspired Kit?
Order delivery here ($20 for up to 4 meals).

Deliveries are on the first and third Friday of each month, with produce packed to remain fresh for at least 10 days – orders close on the Sunday prior to delivery.

* only order a Fresh & Easy Extras Pack if you already have the Olsson’s Salt Rub you want to use for this meal

* we always assume you have pantry basics including olive and vegetable oils, salt and pepper, garlic, milk, butter, flour, sugar


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