Be Inspired Recipes+Videos Pack Gift Card (1 Year)



Additional Information

Share a year of culinary inspiration with food-loving friends and family anywhere in the world by sending a gift card for our annual Recipes+Videos pack. They’ll receive everything you do except the ingredients and can cook along with you remotely if you like! And if they’re in our delivery zone they can upgrade any month/s to receive the full kit.

Every month our Recipes+Videos pack includes:

  • a video of Roberta and the chef discussing the month’s theme
  • at least 8 x step-by-step recipe videos (6 savoury and 2 sweet)
  • wine or cocktail suggestions for each dish
  • a link to the chef’s curated Spotify playlist to cook to
  • a full-colour e-magazine with extra recipes and food, wine & travel info
  • email contact with Roberta to answer any questions regarding the recipes (including possible substitutions for hard-to-find ingredients at their location)
  • membership of our online Be Inspired community to share food, wine and travel questions, opinions and advice with fellow cooks, chefs and producers
  • an invitation to book seats at exclusive monthly dinners in leading restaurants

Your gift recipient can email us to choose as many of our existing Recipes+Videos Packs as they like, then will receive each month’s new pack to a total of 12 packs.