Fresh & Easy – Chicken Satay


Ayam satay sauce – made in Malaysia from peanuts, coconut milk, lots of herbs and spices (and no additives) – is the closest I’ve come to recreating the taste of satay chicken from street stalls in Malaysia and Indonesia. I add a pineapple salad for freshness and a touch of acid.

Additional Information

Sometimes you want to spend all day in the kitchen cooking up a storm; and sometimes you just want a fresh and easy meal using what’s on hand. Either way it has to taste great, right? For the quick and easy times, I love good pantry staples like Ayam.

Fresh & Easy Meals include:
– the ingredients* to create a generous main meal for 2 people
– free delivery with a Be Inspired Kit

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Order delivery here ($20 for up to 4 meals).

Deliveries are on the first and third Friday of each month, with produce packed to remain fresh for at least 10 days – orders close on the Sunday prior to delivery.

* we assume you have pantry basics including vegetable oil, salt and bamboo skewers.